The project Henotic: how to live together? departs from a burning question in four independent artists’ minds. As choreographers, we are especially intrigued by the tensions of contemporary crises and the temporary communities that they produce. In a moment where individualism cannot function at the same pace or within the same spectrum of the shared reality, we ask ourselves: how can we uphold space for our individual activities and collaborative practices to be combined, as a technique to support the growth of our artistic gestures?From the urgency to unite and independently organise performance programs in response to the scarcity in the field of live arts – we look at ways to physically question and expand upon the concept of live-ness.

We are curious about the potential performative arenas that emerge from inhabiting what used to be a building hosting cultural activities. and that is now in the waits of becoming a private space destined to make profit. Through the moment of transition before a development company takes over the space, we repurpose this in-between phase of emptiness and use it to propose an ephemeral realm of creation.

Hosted by the project space Reneenee, the vacant and somewhat abandoned space of the former Maison Descartes was occupied for new temporary shapings. This ground was used for both a collective project as well as for four independent projects/works made by each of the makers.Through constellations of dance, movement, sound, and images we would like to share the creative process we went through living and working inside of this architecture during the residency period. The program hosts four live performances which include: The Tiniest Act by Tamir Eting, performed by Donald Fleming and Charles Pas ; a solo research-presentation by Fernanda Libman; Giulia Or Not by Carolina Papetti performed by Catarina Paiva and Jessica Matheson and Ingeborg Meier Andersen will be performing her work in progress ’STELLAROSA’ alongside collaborator, performer, and cellist Peter Scherrebeck Hansen.; as well as a series of audiovisual works developed by the same makers in collaboration with Adele Grégoire and Rafael Romero Peña.

Note On Covid
This project is independently organised therefore we count on the collaboration of our visitors to make this event run safely. We kindly ask for everyone to wear a face mask while being inside the building as well as keeping at least 1,5meters distance from one another. Since we are only allowed to host a limited number of people in the building, we kindly ask the public to respect the indicated number of people allowed in specific spaces and to follows the time slot indicated in the program.

1. The Tiniest Act by Tamir Eting.
2. Solo research-presentation by Fernanda Libman Fonseca.
3. Kitchen, video installation.
4. Small basement room, video installation.
5. STELLAROSA by Ingeborg Meier Andersen.
6. Gulia Or Not by Carolina Papetti.
7. Auditorium, sound installation.
8. Toilet.
9. Electricity room, video installation.

The performances are divided into two groups:
Group A: Carolina Papetti & Fernanda Libma.
Group B: Tamir Eting & Ingeborg Meier Andersen.

The two groups will perform parallel to each other

First Round:
15:00 Program starts
16:00-18:00 Performances, both groups.
18:30 End

Second round:
18:30 Program starts
19:30-21:30: Performances, both groups.
22:30 Thank you for coming!

Entrance 5 euros, cash only

Reneenee (former Maison Descartes) Vigzelgracht 2A, 1017 HR, Amsterdam

TAMIR ETING (IL, 1990) is an interdisciplinary choreographer working at the intersection of dance, philosophy, installation, and performance. Proposing theater as a mutable environment, he questions the performative space through different mediums, namely choreography, set design, and video. Often collaborating with different artists, such as light designers, video artists, dancers, or sound artists, his approach to stage works exceeds the black box. Working through installation theater, his realm of research lies between physical investigations, spatial constructions, and theoretical quests. Tamir sets conditions for the works to emerge. His moving practice is shaped by the relation between physicality and the built environment: how the setting informs the bodies and the bodies, in return, affect the spatial constructions. He aspires to create environments that travel narratives whilst suggesting encounters being shaped and shaping back the performers and the viewers. Tamir was a dancer at Batsheva Ensemble Dance Company, and recently completed his BA at the School of New Dance Development, (Amsterdam, NL), during which he participated in a residency at Sense Lab at Concordia University (Montreal, CA). Aside from his practice, he collaborates with and performs for other artists. He is a certified Gaga teacher and works with actors, movers, and dance companies.


CAROLINA PAPETTI (ITA, 1993) is a performance artist and theater director currently based in Amsterdam. She considers her artistic experience a desire to expand the notion of biography. A desire for self-proliferation, transformation or biographical metamorphosis. Or a transgression of everything that she experiences. She started writing at a very young age and then began to expand this practice through dance, theater, performance, video and sound art. Right from the start, creating meant for her to accept and establish a research-relationship with the notion of ambiguity as the desire to investigate aspects of reality that tend to continually escape and to defy the logic of effective meaning-making, discussing it on a sensory level. Her artistic practice is multimedia and interdisciplinary, in constant research and creation of sounds, words, songs, costumes, images movements and objects, which are understood as a disturbing gaze that explores a mental and social world. Her works revolve around the notions of self-design, deconstruction of language, representation, sexuality and the fascination with the unconscious and its generative potential. In her works the viewer is invited to enter spaces built through a study of sensorial and material architecture, inhabited by characters with designed, split attitudes, who build and destroy a succession of images, scenes, texts, actions and gestures that unravel between the cryptic and the explicit.


INGEBORG MEIER ANDERSEN (DK 1994) is a dancer, choreographer, artist based in Amsterdam. The research of Ingeborg starts from the notion of delocalization, whereof her presented works are often narrated by the transforming, multiple body as a centrifuging and political force in a female posture. As letting the personal be political and vice versa, she finds the singular being inevitably plural. Her works bring corporeality to the front and are created and performed by herself, in close relation with collaborators of different mediums. The everlasting extension and relationship between music and dance, is a couple which Ingeborg brings to therapy in her research. Dissecting her inherent understanding of musicality, as a dancer, brings physical and psychological crossroads of confronting the shifting agency of a body in sound and sounds within the body. Ingeborg experiments with gathering what is distant with what is familiar, and through this embodied co-existence, she aims to dissolve the dichotomy.


FERNANDA LIBMAN FONSECA (BR, 1995) is a choreographer, performer and sound artist based in Amsterdam. She works with the creation of ecologies through the encounter of Audio and Matter. Using sound as a catalytic and destabilising device, Fernanda explores in her performances questions of selfhood and its relation to time, diving into the multiple and radically distinct layers that compose one’s singularity. Her work touches the liminal spaces of perception, approaching it from a synesthetic perspective; To see sound, To feel time, To experience image, To become question. By composing triggering sonic architectural sites for the body to inhabit and poetically reconfigure its form, Fernanda seeks to build passages, bridges into ways of existing otherwise.


Dates of the public event: 4, 5, 6 June, 2021

Contact info: henotic.livetogether@gmail.com

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